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Current Series

I Need A Hero

The hero of the Christian faith isn’t you, me or the person on your timeline with the most followers. Its Jesus. Join us in this series as we look at the greatest hero that ever lived, and the life that he enables us to live.

Identity - I Am A Christian

Looking at Romans 8 we explore all that we have in Christ. There is no condemnation, we have a new mindset, we are adopted, we have hope amidst suffering, he helps us to pray, he is for our good, nothing can come against us and his love will never fail! Now that is some identity!

Back To The Christmas Future

In the season of advent we go back to the Christmas future and look at the promise of Christmas past, the purpose of Christmas present and the power of Christmas future.


Prayer is to communicate with God - it's a two way communication. We speak and we listen. This series is based around how Jesus taught us to pray in what is commonly known as the Lord's Prayer.