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What To Do When Things Go Wrong

What To Do When Things Go Wrong

by Kate Hewitt on November 25, 2018

“Let’s go camping” I said. “It’ll be fun” I said. “It’s the hottest summer on record” I said. Desperate for some rest and relaxation, we packed up the car and headed to sunny Dorset to pitch our tent. But day one bought gale-force winds, flash flooding and our tent trying to take off. Think the tornado that hits Dorothy's house in The Wizard of Oz and you wouldn’t be far off! Things had gone more than a little bit wrong. 

But isn’t that just life. We imagine what our lives will be like.  We make plans and then life happens.

That is exactly what was happening to Jesus’ disciples. They were exhausted and desperate for some time away to rest. They’d followed Jesus instructions to get into a boat and then a storm hits. It mus have felt like everything was going wrong. Things were not looking good. But then Jesus strides in to rescue them... walking on the waves. 

Jesus always has a plan. He always makes a way. Often an unexpected way.


  1. Jesus told his disciples to “get into the boat” What might God be asking you to do for him?
  2. What situation in your life feels/has felt like a storm?
  3. How did you get through that situation?

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