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Sorry, Not Sorry!

Sorry, Not Sorry!

by Ste Greenow on June 03, 2018

If you've ever read chapter five of Paul's letter to the church at Corinth, then you'll know that Paul doesn't hold back from addressing sin in the church. News has got back to him of an incestuous relationship between a man and his step-mum, and Paul isn't happy!

We could be forgiven for thinking this chapter is about incest... but there's a much bigger picture that Paul is pointing out to us here, sin is destructive and if we leave it unchecked, not only can it affect the person, but it can paralyse the church. We're not avoiding the issue, we'll go on to look at sexual immorality in a few weeks time...

But Paul is clearly instructing the church at Corinth, and us today in Widnes, that we must be serious about sin. The man that Paul was writing about here in chapter 5, isn't sorry about his sin, he is the opposite – arrogant about it. He is parading it around, and in turn it's affecting the church community.

Sin that no one deals with becomes sin that everyone will have to deal with.

Jesus was also clear, that we should deal with sin seriously (Read Matthew 18:8-9 to see for yourself).

How seriously do you deal with sin in your life? What things do you need to cut off that are causing you to stumble, and others too? 

Is it your friendship group that needs to change? Do you need to put daily disciplines in place? Have you given people around you that you trust, full permission to speak honestly into your life? Are there places that you need to stop going back to? Are there people that you need to stop going back to?

Let's take sin seriously, ask the Holy Spirit today to help you, to reveal things to you and help you follow Jesus more and more each day.

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