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Playing My Part

Playing My Part

by Lois Taviner on April 14, 2019

Worship is one of those words that we hear thrown around at church, but do we understand what Worship actually is? Worship is an expression of our adoration. Just as football fans express their undivided devotion for their chosen team, we can express our love for God. That’s worship. For many years, I had totally misunderstood that. I thought that worship was just a style of music, a karaoke session at the start of the church service. But worship is so much more... 

In his last few days on earth, before he died on a cross and rose back to life, on the first day of that week we see a significant journey that Jesus took before arriving into Jerusalem (Mark 11:1-10) 

In this story the disciples and the crowd welcomed Jesus in a way that expresses their love for Him.

The disciples were obedient to Jesus, doing just what he asked, how he asked, when he asked. They went the extra mile in serving Him by putting His needs before their own. As the crowd greeted Him, they were so pleased to be in the presence of God that they didn’t care what they looked like. Finally they used the breath in their lungs to welcome Jesus, to praise Him and to declare how good He is. 

Worship isn’t about us. Worship is the overflow of our heart’s response to God. 

God simply say’s: “If you love me, feel free to show me and tell me”. That’s worship. And it’s a beautiful thing. 


  1. What area of your worship comes most naturally to you? (Obedience, Serving others, action, using your voice) Which area could you spend time investing in?
  2. What area of your life might God be calling you to walk in obedience in?
  3. How could you practically play your part in going the extra mile for someone else as an act of Worship to God?
  4. What might be holding you back from using your voice to Worship God through singing or praying?

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