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Living Out Our Baptism

Living Out Our Baptism

by Adam Hewitt on June 30, 2018

It doesn’t get much better in the life of our church than baptism Sunday. We currently do about three to four a year; times where we are reminded of the goodness of God, the power of the gospel, the promise of new life and the life yet to come. There’s hope, optimism, and a great sense of atmosphere as we celebrate together as a family what God is doing. 

Our prayer though is that the optimism and buzz of baptism Sunday isn’t just restricted to three or four special services in the year, but rather a daily reality in all our lives. Baptism means new life, death to the old way, and hope for a new way. All of us can live that hope our every day. Psalm 90 says: “Satisfy us in the morning, with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all of our days”. 

There’s so much hope in this verse for daily Christian living. The Psalmist is asking God for GOD to SATISFY him, in other words, to be enough, first thing in the morning. Like before anything else happens, before anything else that might be unsatisfying tries to make itself king of his heart. And he wants to be satisfied with the love of God, which is so filling. And for what purpose? Well, to sing an endless song and be glad - always! 

There is a way to endless gladness - the satisfaction that Jesus brings. His cup never runs dry, never springs holes, never leaves us feeling empty. Celebrate baptism again this weekend. And on Monday morning, get up and shout and sing of the goodness of God all over again. He is faithful. 

Questions for reflection 

  1. Have you been baptised? If not, what’s stopping you? For more info, check out
  2. If you have been baptised, can you remember how you felt at the time? Is it like that for you now? Is it better, or worse? What steps can you take to change?
  3. Is Jesus really enough for you? What is there in your life that if you’re honest, you desire more than Him? What can you do to change that and make Jesus number one?

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