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Keeping Company with Jesus

Keeping Company with Jesus

by Adam Hewitt on February 03, 2019

As Christians, we get to do life not just for Jesus, or on behalf of Jesus, but with Jesus. And the way we do that is by prayer.

Prayer can be a joy, a burden and somewhere in between. But as we look at the words of Jesus in Matthew 6, it was never meant to be difficult. Jesus wants us to pray (“When you pray...” Matthew 6:5), He wants us to keep our hearts right and pray behind closed doors, keeping it real, so our motives aren’t tested (Matthew 6:6), and to keep it simple (Matthew 6:7) - there’s really no need to babble on – God knows what we need before we even ask.

So, go for it. A great prayer to start off with is for help. Help to start, help to just keep going, help to keep it real and help to keep it simple. And before you know it, you’re off and praying. And Jesus is very-very close.


  1. How confident do you feel about prayer? Why?
  2. What one thing can you do this week to kick-start your prayer life?

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