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From This Day Forward

From This Day Forward

by Ste Greenow on July 07, 2018

Paul gives us some great advice in 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 about dealing with sexual temptation. It's a fight that we all face. We have an enemy who is out to destroy our sexual purity, looking to destroy marriages, to destroy families, and once he has done that he's out to fill us with shame. To leave us with doubts, to change the boundary lines and to make us think that 'just a little bit' will be ok. Where have we heard that one before? {clue: garden/apple} Look how well that one turned out!

We've got to recognise the battle we are in and realise the struggle is real. If we just think we'll be ok, then we are deluding ourselves. We need to be determined to fight back.

Paul gives us three top tips:

(1) Position Yourself

He tells us to 'run from sexual sin'. (v18) 

What position can you get into that means you're in the wrong place at the wrong time? Too much time on the Xbox? Just another episode on Netflix. Thumbing your way through hours on social media. Listening to music full of sexual innuendos. Sending that nude selfie of yourself. Looking for relationships with people that you know aren't good for you. 

We are all one wrong position from creating chaos in our lives. What do you need to run from today? 

(2) Value Yourself

Paul reminds us that God has 'bought [us] with a high price'. (v.20)

Your sense of value and self-worth is at the heart of being able to keep your sexual purity intact.

 When you realise and understand the price that has been paid for you, you begin to realise that nothing can compare to the love that Jesus has for you. When we don't realise the value that God has placed on our lives, then we start to look for that value in the wrong places. Not only that but we start to devalue things that God intended for good in our lives.

(3) Check Yourself

Paul calls us to 'honour God with [our] bodies'. (v.20)

Paul isn't telling us that we haven't honoured God with our bodies, so there is no hope. He is giving us a message of hope and grace, that from this day forward you can learn to honour God with your body. 

There is grace for the mistakes of the past, and strength for the fight today! 


Position Yourself – in the right place.
What needs to change about your position today? 

Value Yourself – God bought you with a high price.
What is the value that God has placed on your life? 

Check Yourself – It’s from this day forward.
Have you encountered God’s grace and help in your life?

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