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Fasting - Part 1

Fasting - Part 1

by Adam Hewitt on February 24, 2019

Fasting – the spiritual practice of giving up food, or other good things, for the purposes of drawing closer to God (see Matthew 6:16-18). The early church fasted and prayed regularly (See Acts 13 & 14) and fasting is also mentioned many times in the Old Testament.

Christians mainly fast because in the new church era, Jesus seemed to suggest we should do it (see Matthew 6:16-18 and Matthew 9:14-17).

But why else might we fast? 

  1. Fasting shows us who (or what!) our ‘god’ is. 

When we go hungry, we find out a lot about ourselves, our emotions and who is really in charge of our inner self. 

  1. Fasting reminds us what’s really-important 

When we’re hungry, as in really-hungry, piece of bread is like steak! Tap water when we’re thirsty, as in really-thirsty, is like nectar. Fasting keeps things in perspective. 

  1. Fasting reminds us that the best is yet to come 

Jesus told his disciples to fast when he’d gone (See Matthew 9:14). Fasting reminds us that Jesus is coming back – the best is yet to come! 

  1. Fasting shows God that we’re desperate 

When we fast, God sees that we mean it! Why else would we give up good food and good things when we don’t have to? To say to God – I need you! 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Seek Him through prayer – and fasting*! 

Next week we look at how to kick start our fasting journey. Stay tuned. 

*If you are taking medication or have health issues and/or concerns, never give up food or start any type of fasting without first checking with your doctor that it is safe to do so.  


  1. How do you feel about the spiritual practice of fasting?
  2. Have you ever fasted in the past? How did that go.
  3. What might be stopping you from fasting in the future?

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