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Adoption Sunday

Adoption Sunday

by Ste Greenow on November 04, 2018

Together we looked at 2 Samuel 9, and how King David lived out the heart of God, in being a father to the fatherless, by bringing Mephibosheth into his home and effectively adopting him. 

The theme of fostering and adoption is everywhere in the Bible. Think back to Moses and how he was adopted by Pharaoh’s wife. Eli adopts Samuel. Esther was adopted by her cousin Mordecai, later becoming a Queen. Jesus, once a child refugee in Egypt was adopted by his earthly father Joseph! 

And then there is our adoption story, central to the Bible... God’s choice to adopt us into His family is one of the most mind-blowing truths of scripture. God knew all about us and yet still wants us as part of His family. 

In our nation, over 30,000 children come into the care system every year. Right now, there is an urgent need for more than 7,000 foster families. Most recent statistics available from 2016 show that there were 170 children in care, in Halton. That number has risen since. 

Knowing that fostering and adoption is on the heart of God, what could we as a Church do to make a difference? 

  1. Prayer Support – we're not all called to foster or adopt, but prayer is something that everyone can do! Commit to praying for a family that you know who foster or adopt. Pray for a link with our local authority when it comes to working with Safe Families for Children.

  2. Our Church Community – this article helps to explain how we as a Church community need to think differently and learn to understand the difficulties that children in care, foster carers and adopters face, especially in Church community: click here.

  3. Safe Families – for more information about Safe Families, visit their website To register your interest in volunteering with Safe Families visit

  4. Vision Offering – what could you give to help us as a Church support Safe Families and Home For Good. For more information about this year's Vision Offering, click here.

  5. Could you foster or adopt? Visit Home For Good’s website for helpful information on what’s involved in fostering and adoption, and for helpful next steps.

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