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A Welcoming Church

A Welcoming Church

by Adam Hewitt on July 07, 2019

Jesus has welcomed us into His family. He worked hard to achieve our salvation. Sent from heaven, born in a stable, living for 33 years under the shadow of the cross, facing death, tasting death – all with the purpose of welcoming us into His Fathers house. 

As Christians, we too need to be welcoming to others when they come to our churches. 

Here at The Foundry Church, we dream of being a welcoming church. 

Here’s how we hope to be that church; 

Welcoming is all of our job; its not just for the welcome team. 

Expect new-people; we turn up ready to receive and meet and greet. 

Look out for new people; our eyes are peeled. We want every new person to know they’ve have been seen. 

Connect people; everyone has a next step. We want to lead people towards their next step; a small group, contact details, team. We’re ready to connect people. 

Offer a listening ear; our life story can wait. We listen to where people are at. 

Make it as easy as possible; we give up our comforts and preferences to welcome others. Theres no such thing as ‘my seat’. 

Embrace every new person for who they are; we refuse to judge. Everyone is on a journey. We see everyone as made in the image of God. Jesus saves, Jesus changes. Our job is to love and walk with people towards Jesus. 


  1. Am I a welcoming person? Who was the last new person I spoke to, and how did it go?
  2. What ONE thing can I do THIS SUNDAY to be more welcoming to new people?

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