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A Growing Church

A Growing Church

by Adam Hewitt on June 23, 2019

God’s heart is to grow His church; both spiritually in becoming more like Jesus, and physically in number – more people gathering as His people to worship, pray, fellowship, grow and go! (See Acts 2:41, Acts 2:42-47, Acts 11:21 as examples of early church growth!)

God wants to grow you and me; He wants us to look like Jesus, to act like Jesus, to sound like Jesus and to BE Jesus to the people in and around our lives.

What does that look like for you?

Today; think about your life and how it might look like Jesus’ life. If it does, keep going; if it doesn’t, what practical things can you do today to begin to look like Jesus?

Think about these:

A. Learn about Jesus’ life by reading one (or all) of the gospel writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) again. You can read it in one evening.

B. Talk about Jesus’ life with your friends; ask someone you trust to point out the Jesus qualities in your life; and perhaps the not-so-like Jesus qualities for you to work on.

C. Connect to a small group if you’re not in one or reconnect to the small group you haven’t been to for a while

D. Join a Sunday team to serve others

E. Engage again with God’s mission for your life; to follow him, to love others and to be His message in our world.

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